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notebook and pencil

Expressive Writing. You don’t have to be a word nerd

Logophile [law-guh-fahyl] – a lover of words. Someone who loves words and language. A word nerd. A word buff. You don’t have to be a word nerd or have an extensive vocabulary…

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cinnamon stick and vanilla bean

Just Plain Vanilla?? World’s Most Expensive Spices

Vanilla – more valuable than silver. Vanilla purchases have exploded since the pandemic has started. The island of Madagascar supplies 80% of the world’s vanilla even thought it is not…

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film strip

Free Documentary Playlists on YouTube

YouTube has a plethora of free documentaries that allow you to explore a wide variety of topics, adventures, countries, cultures and activities. Here’s just a taste of what you will find.…

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Here's some Good News

Some Good News

In an earlier post you were offered the opportunity to share some good news stories – something uplifting, something positive, something encouraging, something meaningful to you, no matter how big…

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Carpenter and

Animals social distance to avoid disease

Our face-to-face and in-person interactions have been severely reduced to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. It’s been challenging and feels wrong to be separated from other people – humans…

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Stories Matter

Stories Matter

John Krasinski made “Some Good News” a sensation during a time when every time you turned on the tv, it seemed to be some bad news. And while good news…

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vintage metal signs

Researching Antiques and Collectibles

Do you have antiques and collectibles that you’ve always wondered about their history, their value, the best way to preserve them and maybe even sell them? Coffee grinders, books, sewing machines,…

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Kennedy Center

Virtual Experiences – The Kennedy Center

Couch Concerts – It is in times like these that we need artists most. Introducing a NEW series of live performances streamed to you – Couch Concerts, Brought to you by Millennium…

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sleeping cat with compute

Zoom Fatigue – it’s a real thing!

Photo by Marcel Friedrich on Unsplash Many of us have step the last several months trying to figure out the best way to stay socially connected while physically distanced. Zoom video…

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