John Krasinski made “Some Good News” a sensation during a time when every time you turned on the tv, it seemed to be some bad news. And while good news is always, well, good, it seemed even more important now. So his in-home productions captured our interest and made some people’s days a little brighter. May websites also have “good news stories” pages –TodayMSNFox NewsCNBCABC News. There’s even The Good News Network.

I’ve heard some really interesting stories from folks all across the System these last several months. I thought “how can we become part of this uplifting story telling movement, capture some of these stories and share them with each other?” Your story matters and might the thing that lifts someone’s spirits that day or gives them an idea that will help keep them feeling productive and valued. 

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Click here to Submit your written story (and photo, or recorded video message, if you want) for possible publishing in the Life Enrichment and Engagement e-mail newsletter and webpage. Thank you for taking the time to share your good news and uplifting story with others. We can all use some good news!

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