Planning Resources

Researching and planning for your future can be overwhelming. There are many great programs and products today designed to meet the diverse needs and desires of older adults.

If you want to remain in your own home, you may want a plan to ensure that home maintenance and future health care will be carefully orchestrated. Or you may want to downsize and move to a new home that offers care and services. No matter what path you choose to follow, one thing remains constant. A successful future begins with a thoughtful plan.

Kendal and its Affiliates offer these planning resources to help you to make an informed decision that is uniquely right for you.


As a leader in providing services for older adults, many Kendal Affiliates offer Lifecare, a predictable way to cover future care needs.

Senior Living Options

Today’s Senior Living communities offer many options and levels of care to older adults. What you need today is not what you will need in the future.


Find the Kendal Community For You

Kendal branches out far and wide with 11 operating affiliates across 9 states, and one under construction in Healdsburg, California.

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