Free Documentary Playlists on YouTube

YouTube has a plethora of free documentaries that allow you to explore a wide variety of topics, adventures, countries, cultures and activities. Here’s just a taste of what you will find.

  • Mystery Places: Most Unique Roundabout & Whole Village in a Cave. Visit the worlds smallest island that takes 15 minutes to drive across. 
  • Most Impressive Journeys and Roads: Traveling Iran by train; Deadliest journeys – Java Volcano; Extreme jobs – Bridge Rigger
  • Engineering and Science: Manufacturing an Airbus A350, the Worlds first time machine, how submarines work, sinking a destroyer

Other Playlists include:

  • How It Works
  • Climate Change
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • All Aboard East Coast Trains
  • Best History Documentaries
  • UFOs
  • Travel

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