Life Enrichment

Sun shining through the trees

September 22, the End of Summer 2020

Well, this has been an interesting summer for sure. And even though it has been a unique experience full of uncertainty, closings and openings (kind of), re-imaginings of how we…

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recipe book

Sharing family recipes with others leaves a legacy

Food can be such a central and important part of our culture, history, and relationships. Who says family recipes should only be kept within “the family?” We all have cherished…

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swirling hurricane clouds

The history of naming hurricanes and tropical storms

Ever wonder how hurricanes and tropical storms get their names?  According to the National Hurricane Center, the use of short distinctive names is easier to communicate to the public and causes…

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Bindysverses webpage – a Kendal resident’s collection of “pomes” and limericks

Merriam-Webster’s definition of a limerick is: a light or humorous verse form of five chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of three feet and lines 3…

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Woman looking at a map

The most unique places to stay… in. the. world.

If you’re thinking about where you want your first trip to be once we can safely start traveling again, here are some of the most unique places to stay around the world.…

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question mark

Which Alfred Hitchcock film starred Grace Kelly as Lisa Carol Fremont?

Do you know how many films have Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in together? Or the first word spoken in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back? What about the…

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KendalCares Corporate Team

It’s the Time of Year to Break out Your Purple #ENDALZ

Dementia, or severe memory loss that interferes with daily life, is not part of the normal aging process. Kendal communities have long participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in support of…

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Irish dancers

Riverdance – the show-biz phenomenon’s 25th Anniversary

2019 marked the 25th Anniversary for the irish dancing show, Riverdance. Shows were scheduled through 2020 to help celebrate this achievement. Countless floorboards have been pounded by thousands of feet…

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man in red cross jacket

Virtual Volunteering: Find Ways to Help from Home

Do you miss being able to volunteer, engage with and help others? There are many organizations out there that still need your help and are eager to have you volunteer…

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