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Social Impact

Community Benefit is more than just random acts of kindness or pet projects. For Kendal, community benefit is about social responsibility and impact – an intentional identification of goals, objectives, resources, and strategies to address community needs in collaboration with organizations, community members, and agencies to achieve shared goals relating to issues in the aging process.

We accomplish this through staff and resident engagement in varied and wide-ranging activities that give back to the greater community outside our four-walls by sharing time through volunteerism, expertise through educational programs, and resources through fiscal and facilities contributions.

Our vision of Kendal as a system characterized by unusual generosity is expressed in efforts to make a difference in people’s lives beyond the affiliates. The urge to reach out broadly and impact the quality of life for older people throughout our society is central to our continuing vitality. It rests on a charitable identity at the heart of our mission.

Kendal Values

Kendal recognizes the importance of social accountability, being a responsible member of the larger community, and making a difference in people’s lives beyond Kendal’s walls.

Kendal also recognizes the importance of providing a meaningful workplace through opportunities for employees and residents to engage in something larger than oneself to have a positive impact in the organization and people’s lives as they age.

  • Take responsibility in the larger community
  • Share time, talent, and resources
  • Improve services for all older people
  • Inform wider society about the aging process
  • Impact lives beyond the affiliates

Volunteerism, Education and Resources

Throughout the years, the Kendal System has reported more than 111,000 staff hours involved in community benefit activities including 36,000 hours educating students and professionals, more than 21,000 hours serving on boards and participating in volunteer activities on behalf of Kendal, benefiting more than 450,000 persons.

As a system, a total of nearly $39 million in benefit to surrounding communities have been reported. Of that total, over $25 million in Medicaid-gap reimbursements and resident financial assistance have been provided, more than $5 million of payments in lieu of taxes, and nearly $800,000 in cash donations given to support local nonprofit organizations.

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Kendal staff participate in many volunteer activities, from serving on professional boards and committees, to providing community organizations with hands-on services and assistance with local events.

More than


Volunteer Staff Hours Reported

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Kendal staff give back to the broader community through educational programs, including internships for students, speaking engagements and idea-sharing with other retirement communities.

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Staff Hours Spent Educating Others

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Non-profit organizations use spaces on Kendal properties for meetings and special events. We also welcome the broader community to participate in on-site campus activities.

More than

$38 Million

in Resources Provided

Culture of Generosity: KendalCares

In tandem with Kendal Charitable Funds, The Kendal Corporation and its Affiliates, remain firmly grounded in Quaker values with their mission of Together, transforming the experience of aging.® Our mission and values implore us to provide excellent care and services, actively engage in the field of aging, be a good neighbor and benefit our surrounding communities.

Kendal and Kendal Charitable Funds’ Impacting Lives, Engaging Communities initiative is committed to improve the experience of aging for those who do not reside on their campus’ and reframing society’s understanding of what is possible as we age.

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Annual Report

Kendal’s 2023 annual report reflects on the Innovation, Growth, and Impact accomplished by affiliates and The Kendal Corporation last year. Despite the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic volatility, Kendal organizations have remained steadfast in their commitment to creating community and delivering exceptional services. This year’s report is a testament to the continued dedication to Kendal values, and we are excited to share it with you.

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