Life Enrichment

Three hikers looking at mountain

Discovering Common Ground: Quakerism and Zen

To many, the name “Kendal” is synonymous with Quaker values. Recently, Kendal has celebrated growth with new Affiliates that expand beyond these principles and bring a spiritual component more aligned…

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Celebrating Senior Health and Fitness Day

Age is just a number, but a healthy lifestyle is essential for any age group. healthy lifestyle. On May 31st, we celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day, a day…

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Independent Living resident walk their dog

The Importance of Animals and Pets

Animals and pets play a crucial role in the lives of older adults and even more so in Kendal communities. They are not only a source of great joy and…

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I hope this finds you well…

Hope you’re well. How have you been, well? I hope you’re doing well. Hope all is well with you. Stay safe and well. I’m well, thanks. Such common phrases. But…

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light bulb

Planting bulbs, light bulbs, that is

Planting bulbs. And not in the way you might think. Don’t throw those burned out lightbulbs just yet. Upcycle them into clever vases and planters with the help of these…

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On the road again: interesting landmarks and sites in every state

There are many wonderful and amazing sites to see across the United States. You might not even have to travel very far from home to find a notable destination spot…

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Marie Owens

Marie Owens, 1891, first female officer helped thousands of women & children

“I like to do police work. It gives me a chance to help women and children who need help,” Marie Owens told the Tribune in 1906. “In my sixteen years of…

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Affirmations – An Exercise for your Mind and your Outlook

We are the keepers of our minds, thoughts, outlook, and the global narrative we hold about ourselves. Many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health. Affirmations are…

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female doctor

Female Doctors who Revolutionized Medical Care

These famous female doctors defined the social and racial prejudices that discouraged certain people from practicing science. Without their research and contributions, millions of lives would not have been positively…

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