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Collaborative Decision Making, Participants role

Quaker Principles – Collaborative Decision Making, Part 2, the Participants Role

Serving as chair or facilitator of a collaborative meeting calls for a skillset to lead to a consensus embraced by the group. In part 2 of this 3 part series…

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boys looking at baseball field

Reconnecting can provide comfort and well-being

Marion Darbyshire, 91, and Winnie Shaw, 94, were good friends 73 years ago. The two ladies initially became friends in their twenties when they worked as sewing apprentices at a…

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Decision Making Overview

Quaker Principles – Collaborative Decision Making, An Overview

Quakers have always run meetings in a way that encourages listening to everyone because the truth may come from anyone. What should you expect when you are at a consensus-based meeting as a…

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advent calendar

Advent & unique calendars to help celebrate

Advent is the of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas when Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus into the world and remember the real meaning of Christmas. Advent actually has two…

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Quaker Principles – Change Agents in Society

From the earliest days of the nation to the present, Quakers have stood up for what they believe is right, from prison and mental health reform, to civil and women’s…

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Giving Thanks, A Message from CEO Sean Kelly

Giving thanks to Kendal community staff, residents, members and board members for their understanding, strength, dedication and heroism during the coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020. Click the image below to hear Sean’s…

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Shall we Dance?

We may not be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayward or Mikhail Baryshnikov. We may not make on to Dancing with the Stars. We may have two left feet…

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Quaker Principles – SPICES

Quakers are a small percentage of the U.S. population today—only about 75,000 people in total. Yet Quaker values have greatly influenced our nation’s history and continue to resonate in the…

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Dogs on Parade – Paws with a Purpose

Volunteers with Paws With A Cause held a dog parade to lift residents’ spirits at an assisted living facility. The focus of the event was to connect the residents of the…

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