senior living development

New Projects

Kendal Development Services staff provides a high level of experience and expertise to not-for-profit organizations interested in developing communities to become a part of the not-for-profit Kendal system.

Kendal works closely with colleges, universities, hospital systems and others to plan, facilitate and manage all aspects of new Kendal communities and affiliations. Kendal also works with existing communities interested in exploring becoming an affiliate of the Kendal System. Successful planning and development of retirement communities, along with successful affiliation of existing communities in various states, gives Kendal staff depth of experience in developing collaborative plans for specific market, partner and regulatory environments.

Support for Kendal Affiliates

The Kendal Corporation provides consultation, leadership and support to Kendal affiliate communities, offering several types of services, including:

  • Development Services
  • Master Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Regulatory Guidance
  • Design and Construction
  • Operational Start-Up

Kendal’s corporate staff includes team members with decades of real estate development experience and expertise in nonprofit senior living development. This team has guided affiliates through more than $350 million in development projects since 2010, through the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our affiliates are continually planning new projects to better serve current residents and meet the needs of future residents. The Development Services team supports the affiliates in each of these projects from start to finish.

Rendering of new senior living development at Collington

Model Practices & Innovation

This team has exposure to all aspects of senior living. Our understanding of senior living finance, expansion and greenfield marketing, and operations, as well as construction and planning, provides a unique opportunity for the Development Services team to communicate model practices to our affiliates. These practices can range from visionary leadership to technical, practical methods that represent the best in the field.

Kendal’s desire to advance the field of senior living means that we are tasked with understanding trends and practices that impact residents, affiliates, new projects and the wider world. We strive to understand and teach these practices.


Many Kendal communities have their roots in partnerships with colleges and universities, and many affiliates have long-standing university relationships and innovative intergenerational programming. Kendal’s commitment to lifelong learning continues as we seek to improve the lives of older adults and advance the field of senior living.

Kendal’s history and desire to work with strong nonprofit partners means we have ongoing dialogue with colleges, universities and other partners throughout the country. 

New Kendal Communities

Kendal’s new projects are intended to innovate and push the field of senior living to new heights.

Nearly all new projects are collaborations with strong partners. Thanks to the strength of the team and the reputation of the organization, we are able to be very strategic  in pursuing growth opportunities. We work hard to find the right fit and the right project for the organization.

Projects in the Development Pipeline

  • Enso Village: a Kendal Affiliate. A partnership with the San Francisco Zen Center, this is a community centered on mindfulness, meditation and intentional living. Enso Village opened in the Fall of 2023.
  • Enso Verde: Marketing and planning have begun for a second community partnership with the San Francisco Zen Center. The community will be located in Simi Valley, southern California.
  • And more to come…
Rendering of aerial view of Enso Village

Consultations and Feasibility Work

Kendal’s Development Services team is often called upon to consult with nonprofits to explore the feasibility of new projects. When a promising project aligns with Kendal’s mission, our team participates in working groups, providing process leadership and advice to guide planning.