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Kendal Values

Kendal’s Values and Practices tie our system together. We share them with individuals thinking about becoming a member of a Kendal community, with staff before and after they are hired and with Board members before and during their terms of service.

We strive to live up to these Values every day:

  • Honoring and respecting every person
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion and treating every person as an equal
  • Fostering community through transparency, collaboration and listening
  • Promoting continuous revelation and lifelong learning
  • Acting with integrity and generosity
  • Delivering innovative wellness and dignified health care
  • Sustaining and improving the environment
  • Building meaningful partnerships

Sharing these common values help ensure that Kendal’s residents and staff share the spirit of community and collaboration and the respect for each individual that flow from Quaker principles.

Kendal continues to draw strength and wisdom from our Quaker-inspired Values. Fill out the form to download the Values & Practices booklet.

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Guided By Values

Learn more about Quakerism and the foundation for Kendal’s values by viewing an educational video series.