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Margaret Bourke-White

Kendal at Ithaca Art Break with the Johnson Museum: “Picturing the World: The Photographic Journey of Margaret Bourke-White”

Posted 7/10/2020 Kendal at Ithaca is happy to share with you the inaugural Art Break virtual session with the Johnson Museum. As a photographer, Margaret Bourke-White took incredible risks to get her photograph…

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hazy mountain view

Island of the Colorblind

Posted 7/10/2020 “Color is just a word to those who cannot see it” “PINGELAP ATOLL, A Micronesian island in the South Pacific, sometimes goes by its other name, the Island…

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building blocks

The Power of Play – Adults need recess too

Posted 7/10/2020 It is a happy talent to know how to play. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American writer Can you remember the last time you played? If you can’t, then you…

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beach ball

Marco Polo: the connectivity app, not the swimming pool game

Posted 7/10/2020 Marco Polo is a video communication app for families and close friends. Unlike other video chat, you don’t have to be on at the same time. Marco Polo’s twist…

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button mushrooms

Mushrooms – the earthy and edible fungi

Posted 6/29/2020 Mushrooms are edible fungus that can provide several important nutrients.  According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “All varieties of mushrooms are low in calories and fat,…

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The Multiple Dates of “Independence Day”

Posted 6/29/2020 July 4th, 1776: Independence Day – The tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. From 1776 to the present day, July…

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ice cream

“I Scream, You Scream…”

You guessed it, “We all Scream for Ice Cream!” July is National Ice Cream Month, and you have Kentucky to thank! In 1984, Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky introduced…

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Chautauqua Institution. A unique mix of arts, lectures, interfaith worship & programs

Posted 6/22/2020 Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York state that comes alive each summer with a unique mix of fine and performing…

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How a Man’s Love for Pigeons Saved Him

Posted 6/22/2020 There are so many benefits of hobbies for mental health. The best hobbies relax you, make you happy, and can even prevent or cure problems like anxiety and…

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