KCF Corporate Partners


Kendal Charitable Funds continues to re-evaluate how we can best support Kendal communities and other non-profits in the field of aging during these challenging times. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, KCF has dedicated its grant support to helping Kendal affiliates address unexpected needs related to COVID-19.  We have also provided needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to a KCF Promising Innovations Grant recipient so they could continue to meet the needs of older adults in their area.

While we are reassessing needs in the field of aging, one thing has not changed — the need to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate friends/partners in a challenging and changing world. And through KCF’s Affiliate and Promising Innovations Grant programs, we remain committed to those living in Kendal communities, as well as older adults across the country.

Here are just a couple of examples of programs Kendal Charitable Funds has recently supported:

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

Kennett Area Community Service

Kendal at Lexington

Partnership Levels

$1,000 – With your partnership at the $1,000 level, Kendal Charitable Funds will prominently display your company logo on KCF’s webpage as one of our Annual Partners. 

$5,000 – At the $5,000 level, we will also post a testimonial about your organization on our KCF – Impacting Lives website.

Now more than ever, Kendal Charitable Funds needs your support. Partnering with KCF is easy to do. Go to the online Partner form to join in our efforts as we aspire to reframe society’s understanding of what is POSSIBLE – as we age.

Current KCF Partners

Warfel Construction