About Kendal

Kendal is a leading, not-for-profit organization of communities, programs and services that advocate for and empower older adults to achieve their full potential.

Kendal began in the late 1960s, when a committee of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) sought “a better way in retirement” based on Quaker values. The first community, Kendal at Longwood, opened in 1973. Since then, new affiliates have either been developed from the ground up or have chosen to become a Kendal Affiliate.

While remaining true to its roots, the Kendal System continually evolves to meet the needs of residents, staff and wider society. This combination of tradition and innovation creates an environment that fosters learning, community and integrity. 

Kendal communities are designed to meet different needs and tastes. They range from park-like campuses in small college towns to high-rises in metropolitan areas. No matter the site, all share a commitment to lifelong learning, community service and wellness. They also all offer optional financial plans to meet the needs of individuals, and provide higher levels of care to meet residents’ changing circumstances.

Several communities offer the option of moving directly into higher levels of care on a space-available basis, and two communities in suburban Philadelphia specialize in higher levels of care.

Supporting a Spirit of Inclusion

Kendal strives to create and support an environment for community members, board, staff, and volunteers that is welcoming to all cultures, backgrounds, and differences — an environment that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation and teamwork. Our commitment to diversity flows from Kendal’s Quaker roots and our published Values and Practices. We believe that a spirit of inclusion and a culture of diversity enrich and strengthen our communities, people and services.

Kendal at Longwood landscaped entry sign in spring


Each Kendal community is considered an “affiliate” of the larger Kendal System. This means that while each affiliate is locally owned, managed and led, residents know their community is part of a strong, best-in-class, values-based system. The affiliate structure provides the best of both worlds: sensitivity to local circumstances combined with the advantages of being part of a larger system.

Many Kendal affiliates are Lifecare Communities which provide housing, residential amenities and an array of wellness and health care services. An initial entry fee and ongoing monthly fees ensure provision of these services for life.

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