Howard Braxton social drop

Howard Braxton Appointed to Friends Services Alliance (FSA) Board of Directors

Howard Braxton, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Sales at The Kendal Corporation, has been appointed to the board of Friends Services Alliance (FSA). FSA is a professional association…

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Jen Karsten

Jennifer Karsten Joins Kendal to Support Governance Excellence

Kendal proudly announces Jennifer Karsten’s appointment as Governance Advisor. This move supports the organization’s commitment to thoughtful and effective governance and reflects Kendal’s Quaker heritage. Equipped with a Ph.D. from…

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Maria Santangelo

Barclay Friends Announces Appointment of Maria Santangelo as Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Maria Santangelo as the community’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective April 3, 2024. Maria takes the helm following Linda Sterthous, who will…

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Diane with BUAD students

Business Research 101- UD Students and Kendal Learning Together

The partnership between Kendal and the University of Delaware’s Lerner College of Business and Economics is an excellent opportunity for Kendal to build upon university-based roots and dedication to lifelong…

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Diversity flag

Lathrop Community Builds Understanding

When Lathrop Community learned about the 2022 Affiliate Grant funds provided by Kendal Charitable Funds (KCF), they saw an opportunity to provide education and understanding for residents and staff on…

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Kendal Welcomes Doug Helman as Kendal Transition Operations Specialist

In an exciting development, The Kendal Corporation is pleased to announce the hiring of Doug Helman as the Kendal Transition Operations Specialist. Doug Helman is a seasoned professional with over thirty…

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Celebrating Wanda Whitted-Smith's Lasting Impact on Kendal

There are individuals whose footsteps leave not just a mark but the kind of impression that helps shape the potential of an organization. One such person is Wanda Whitted-Smith, who,…

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Ithaca Falls Café Final Countdown

The countdown continues to our new Ithaca Falls Café opening at the end of this week. Staff have been testing the operations on very willing volunteers and the verdict so…

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Bubblescapes and the Forest Fantasia

The Art Committee has picked another winning exhibit in the Hallway Gallery, now showcasing ”Bubblescapes and the Forest Fantasia”, digital collage works by Daniel McPheeters. Come enjoy the glowing scenes…

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