Ways to Give

Outright Gifts of Cash or Securities

An outright gift in the form of cash permits an immediate impact as well as a federal income tax deduction. Gifts of stock, long-term appreciated securities and/or from a IRA Charitable Rollover (individuals 70½ can donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their IRA, without treating the distribution as taxable income) may offer additional benefits.

For more information regarding a gift of stock/securities or from your IRA Charitable Rollover please contact Beverly Grove, Executive Director Kendal Charitable Funds bgrove@kcorp.kendal.org

Planned Gifts

With wise and thoughtful planning, we all have the power to make a difference. There are many creative ways in which you can meet both your personal planning and charitable giving objective.

By working with you and your advisor, Kendal Charitable Funds ensures that your philanthropy not only maximize the benefits of available tax incentives but create an impactful legacy to Kendal Charitable Funds.

  • Bequests, Beneficiary of IRA, Retirement Plan or Life Insurance Policy

Naming Kendal Charitable Funds as a Beneficiary in your Will Bequests are a method of charitable giving that enables you to express your personal values by integrating charitable and financial goals. It is simply another opportunity for generous donors such as you to make gifts, distinct from your annual contributions, to the Kendal Charitable Funds who’s Values and Practices you support. Bequests are not just for the wealthy. They are the means by which ordinary people make extraordinary gifts that can help to provide for the solid future financial foundation of Kendal Charitable Funds. As with any estate or financial planning decision, please consult your professional advisors before proceeding.

Sample language for including Kendal Charitable Funds as a beneficiary of your will follows: “I give and bequeath to Kendal Charitable funds, located at 1107 East Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, PA 19348 (__ percent; OR the sum of $___ from my estate; OR all the rest, residue or remainder of my estate). This gift may be used for [a restricted fund or for the general purposes of Kendal charitable Funds; OR at the discretion of its Executive Director and Foundation Board]

How it Works

  • You transfer cash, securities or other property to a KCF CGA
  • The KCF CGA makes a fixed annual/quarterly payment to you
  • When you pass, the remainder passes to Kendal Charitable Funds


  • You receive immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your contribution
  • You pay no up-front capital gain tax on appreciated assets donated
  • You receive a stable, predictable payment for life
  • You have satisfaction of making a significant gift that will ultimately benefit Kendal Charitable Funds

Kendal Charitable Funds Rate Table

Single Life and two lives (based on American Council on Gifts Annuities effective November 3, 2021)

Single Life Deduction & Tax Tiers ($10,000 Gift)

Age Payout
Annual Income Tax-Free

Two Lives Deduction & Tax Tiers ($10,000 Gift)

Age Payout
Annual Income Tax-Free

For rates on Two Lives Deduction & Tax Tiers where the ages differ significantly, please contact us.

(for a specific rate based on your age please contact Beverly Grove bgrove@kcorp.kendal.org )

For other Planned Giving opportunities please contact Beverly Grove, Executive Director Kendal Charitable Funds bgrove@kcorp.kendal.org

You have the satisfaction of making a significant gift that benefits you now and KCF later. The material presented in this Web site is not offered as legal or tax advice. We urge you to seek the advice of your tax advisor, attorney and/or financial planner to make certain a contemplated gift fits well into your overall circumstances and planning.