Life Enrichment

Shall we Dance?

We may not be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayward or Mikhail Baryshnikov. We may not make on to Dancing with the Stars. We may have two left feet…

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Quaker Principles – SPICES

Quakers are a small percentage of the U.S. population today—only about 75,000 people in total. Yet Quaker values have greatly influenced our nation’s history and continue to resonate in the…

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Dogs on Parade – Paws with a Purpose

Volunteers with Paws With A Cause held a dog parade to lift residents’ spirits at an assisted living facility. The focus of the event was to connect the residents of the…

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CollingtonPresents Series Launch

On Saturday, October 10th, 2020, the Collington community launched their first production and broadcast of their new series, CollingtonPresents. The presentation received many accolades from residents and those who attended. Their…

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Quaker History and Beliefs – An Overview

The first video in the new Quaker Connection Video Series provides an overview of Quaker history and beliefs, including discussions on: Early Quaker History, Types of Quaker Meetings, and Continuing Revelation  Learn…

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blue circles

Blue Zones and Centenarians

What do 1) Ikaria, Greece; 2) Okinawa, Japan; 3) Ogliastra Region, Sardinia; 4) Loma Linda, Calif.; and 5) Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica all have in common?  They are considered “Blue Zones” or areas…

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October 21st is National Apple Day

We’ve all heard the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Apples have long been linked to various health benefits from heart and brain health to antioxidants and gut…

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tree roots

The Quaker Connection Video Series

FSA and The Kendal Corporation have partnered to create a series of new videos to give perspectives on living and working in an environment built on Quaker values. Hosted by…

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Kids holding handmade cards

Smiles from the Heart

Do you have construction paper or card stock, crayons, markers, glue, glitter, scissors, a little creativity, some Uplifting, FUN and entertaining thoughts? Kids and seniors who are in need of…

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