Sharing family recipes with others leaves a legacy

Food can be such a central and important part of our culture, history, and relationships. Who says family recipes should only be kept within “the family?” We all have cherished recipes that have been passed down or one’s we just really, really like – our go-to’s. By gifting and sharing your family or favorite recipes with others, you are sharing a piece of you and a piece of the joy that you experience every time you make that recipe.

I know that when I make certain recipes, they immediately conjure up memories and thoughts of the person that gave it to me. I know that “Tortellini soup” makes me think of my friend Becky. Baked corn? My Grandmother. Spanish Rice? My Gram. Biscuits and gravy – that’s Mamaw. And the reverse has been true, too. I’ve shared recipes with others and they have joyfully shared with me that they made the recipe and enjoyed it themselves or with others.

Whenever someone is brought to mind in this way, it gives an opportunity to think of them – to wish them well, to thank them, to pray for them. It might remind you that, if possible, it’s time to give a call, send an e-mail, or mail a friendly hand-written note.

Here are some articles and ideas of  how you can start sharing your recipe story and legacy.

Printable activities:

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