Riverdance - the show-biz phenomenon's 25th Anniversary

2019 marked the 25th Anniversary for the irish dancing show, Riverdance. Shows were scheduled through 2020 to help celebrate this achievement. Countless floorboards have been pounded by thousands of feet since it all began in 1994, when 7-minutes changed Irish dancing forever.

“Conceived by Moya Doherty and shaped by John McColgan into a hit in Dublin, London, New York, Cork and Belfast (with help from Michael Flatley before he broke away to become the “Lord of the Dance”), this supple show traces Irish dance — embodied in the endless variations of the jig — through its influence on Harlem tap-dancing, Spanish flamenco, even Cossack spins.” stageandcinema.com

The Journey began in April 1994 when Riverdance first performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. Through the years the cast has been voluminous. There have been 700 Irish dancers, Flamenco dancers, Russian dancers and Tappers; 153 musicians band and featured drummers; and 167 in the Amanzi Choir, the Riverdance Ensemble Choir, featured soloists and the Riverdance Singers and Bass Baritone Soloists. Today’s Riverdance dancers weren’t even alive when the original riverdance became a show-biz phenomenon.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, the 25th Anniversary Tours of the USA and UK had to be postponed. However, “from their homes the Riverdance cast have come together, while being apart, to create this poignant video to say thank you to all Frontline and Essential Workers, as well as the people at home who continue to do their part in the fight against COVID-19. #TogetherApart” 

Enjoy an Irish dance music playlist. Learn some basic Irish dance moves.

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