Twelve Kendal Employees Graduate from Kendal Leadership Fellows Program

The Kendal Leadership Fellows Program has provided leadership training and development to staff members since 2012. This year’s session was recently completed, with twelve graduates from different Kendal communities.

The Kendal Leadership Fellows Program consists of a year-long leadership training and development program for staff members throughout the Kendal System. It is designed to provide future leaders – regardless of their current position or title – with the skills, self-awareness, and tools needed to tackle the challenges inherent in our work. The program cultivates effective leaders grounded in Kendal’s mission and values.

Kendal Leadership Fellows Program Class of 2023

  • Maria Kiwagama (Barclay Friends)
  • Lauren Paules (Barclay Friends)
  • Denina Trotman (Collington)
  • Phoebe Graham (Collington)
  • Bea Cordova-Pedroza (Kendal Crosslands Communities)
  • Kim Blair (Kendal at Home)
  • Wendy Fetters (Kendal at Home)
  • Nathaly Lopera (Kendal at Home)
  • Brittany Drader (Kendal at Ithaca)
  • Katie Hall (Kendal at Lexington)
  • Bridget Reilly (Kendal on Hudson)
  • Matt Meers (Lathrop)
eight leadership fellows

The Leadership Design Team members of this year’s program were Lynne Giacobbe, Judy Sorum Brown (who has been the lead designer of the Kendal Leadership Fellows program since its inception) and Eva Kaeten. Their contributions were instrumental in the successful completion of this valuable program.

The 2022-2023 program’s curriculum was structured around nine monthly sessions, each focusing on a specific topic related to leadership. These sessions were held virtually via Zoom and included topics such as Knowing Ourselves, Quakerism & Kendal Values, Belonging, Developing Leadership Tools & Appreciative Inquiry, Identifying & Building on Our Strengths, Crucibles of Leadership & Resilience, Authenticity & Mortality, and The Leadership Power of Self-Awareness.

An Experience of Self-discovery

During the program’s final session, the graduates were asked about their thoughts on their experiences in the program, and how they might describe the program to others who are considering enrolling.  One graduate summed up her experience by saying, “This Leadership Fellow program is incredibly inspiring.  If you allow yourself to become vulnerable, as our group did, it will change your perspectives and lead you to become a better person and a better leader. I hope everyone that is given this opportunity takes advantage of it, it is worth doing for yourself!”

Kendal congratulates the newest Kendal Leadership Fellows and wishes them success in their continuing journey.

New Session Coming Soon

The application for next year’s program will open in July and can be found at

If you are a Kendal staff member considering the program, talk with your supervisor. We encourage you to take the leap and participate. It could be a life-changing experience for you too!