Support from The Kendal Corporation- 2023 Kendal Annual Report

A Note From Interim CEO, Amy Harrison

I have the honor of serving The Kendal Corporation not only as the Chief Financial Officer but also as the Interim Chief Executive Officer. I’m looking back on this past year with pride for the team I lead, high regard for Kendal affiliate successes, and the knowledge that we will approach our ever-changing environment with diligence, creativity and commitment.

What excites me about Kendal, and has since I began working here, is that there are always opportunities to lean into our values. Resident engagement, sustainability, respect, and integrity — these are only some examples at the forefront of what drives us. We believe these Kendal values, shared by all Kendal affiliates, are just what prospective residents and members are looking for. They help set us apart as a modern organization with its “finger on the pulse” of what society wants as it approaches aging. Many senior living communities and providers have engaged residents. But the “inside/out” leadership present throughout the Kendal System is unique. For example, residents have come together to create SSAFE, a non-profit organization acting nationally in senior living communities to help address the impact of climate change.

The advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives across the Kendal System, as well as longstanding and new connections with other organizations that share Kendal values, are also ways we express this commitment to innovation, growth and impact.

An Unending Journey

I see the changes the Kendal System is experiencing as a sign of maturity. As changes occur, new opportunities arise, giving us a chance to enhance Kendal’s mission and vision.

Residents and members of the Kendal System cite “Lifelong Learning” — nurturing a spirit of inquiry and curiosity — as a key reason why they are attracted to Kendal. And so, like the people who make it up, the Kendal System believes in learning that never ends. With decades of experience behind Kendal’s success, we will survive and thrive through change, accustomed to the type of reflection and transparency needed to stay strong as we move into the future.

Supporting Durability

In 2022, The Kendal Corporation provided support in key areas of affiliate operations while keeping an eye on the future as the organization discovered innovative and impactful growth opportunities.

In this year’s annual report, you’ll read more about “Innovation, Growth and Impact” at The Kendal Corporation and throughout the Kendal System. In finance, having well-managed policies throughout the System has allowed us to withstand the turbulent market in 2022. In human resources, as affiliates responded to the market by updating pay and benefits to attract and retain talent, the HR team at Kendal helped make over 150 changes to the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), each taking days to weeks to complete. To support marketing and sales, we led the successful conversion of our shared Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales database to a more nimble and data-driven platform, enhanced the Kendal website, and secured regular features in news outlets. All of these and more have helped strengthen our reputation for excellence.

The creation of the system-wide Innovation and Impact committees; the move to a more efficient, secure, and reliable data center; a new high-tech office on a university campus; and the implementation of a new service desk, enterprise monitoring software and advanced security applications are just some examples of the investments we’ve made in technology.

The Future is Bright

As the new year continues to unfold, The Kendal Corporation will continue to make connections to empower learning and sharing across the System. We believe that together, we can positively impact our world: for those we serve, and for those we serve with.
This exploration of transforming the experience of aging together is quite beautiful…and is absolutely working.

Amy Harrison, Chief Financial Officer and Interim CEO,
The Kendal Corporation

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