Kendal IT Leaders Attend Zoho ManageEngine User Conference

In May 2023, two IT leaders from Kendal, Imad Chehab (Assistant Director of Information Technology and Software Application for The Kendal Corporation) and Ryan Wasielewski (Director of Information Technology for Kendal on Hudson), participated in the Zoho ManageEngine User Conference held outside Chicago. Imad was also a featured speaker at the conference.

Imad Chahab speaking at Zoho Conference

Zoho is the vendor for many of the IT applications used by Kendal to monitor, mitigate, patch, remote control, deploy applications and many more,” explains Imad.  The Kendal team learned a lot of inside tricks, best practices, and other solutions that Zoho offers. Both professionals also received certification as Manage Engine Product Associates.

Imad and Ryan had some key takeaways from the conference that will impact the IT infrastructure for Kendal.

Highlights included:

  • Businesses are transitioning from IT and Technology simply supporting business functions to them being the Core Infrastructure for most business functions.
  • Workplaces are becoming more decentralized, emphasizing the ability to work not just from home but anywhere at any time.
  • The challenges of managing and securing Cyberinfrastructure are becoming more difficult and complex, requiring better tools and processes to manage Business needs appropriately.
  • Advancements in AI are rapidly evolving in how people are performing their job functions. These allow for increased productivity and greater value from individual workers.
  • The advancements in AI are also presenting more significant threats to people and systems as Cybercriminals leverage them to enhance both the malicious software they are developing and make Social Engineering attacks such as phishing much more challenging to detect.
  • Companies that do not invest significantly in their IT Infrastructure, workers and software place themselves at high risk of compromise and becoming less competitive compared to other companies investing in these areas.

The conference was an excellent platform to earn certification, learn more about Zoho’s software, and gain insight into the ever-changing technological environment. The IT Team is looking forward to continued learning and sharing on current trends and technologies in the IT industry.