Kendal Supports Brandywine High School Engineers

The Kendal Corporation was fortunate to meet with Brandywine High School student engineers to learn about and provide some guidance for their winning project while looking for ways to partner together in the future.

The Brandywine student engineering project works to eliminate cost barriers by creating an affordable alternative to assistive technology devices for people with independent living disabilities. The students were one of ten finalists who pitched their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) solutions at the Samsung Solutions Center in Washington to a panel of judges in May. They were one of three winners, receiving a prize of $100,000 in Samsung technology and school supplies.

Kendal Corporation (KCorp) leadership met Brandywine High School students at the UD COE Senior Design Celebration in December 2022 and visited their school in April to learn more about their project. KCorp provided encouragement and presentation support, plus helped make connections for broadening the audience and population their design could possibly impact. The students were encouraged to think about including older adults who may have some level of disability in their scope of work.  The students embraced this perspective as reflected in their final work product and their final pitch at the May Championship Round in DC. Ultimately, the product and pitch won out. 

Future Partnership:

Kurt Rahner, VP of Information Technology for KCorp explains, “What resonated with me is how innovation can start at an early age. I’m proud that Kendal has taken innovation to heart and is not only working with early innovators but is constantly looking for ways to improve who we are and the services that we offer to residents and the larger community”.

Leadership members from the Kendal Corporation were also able to take a tour of Brandywine High School’s amazing innovation lab to discuss how KCorp could encourage innovation that could directly benefit Kendal residents, members and staff.

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View their final pitch to the judges

Brandwine High School Student Engineering Project