October 21st is National Apple Day

We’ve all heard the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Apples have long been linked to various health benefits from heart and brain health to antioxidants and gut health, and weight loss. 

The Harvard School for Public Health shares some more about the health benefits of apples, but also provides some tips on storing your apples to keep them at their freshest, as well as some fun ways to enjoy them. 

  • “To prolong freshness, store in the refrigerator in the crisper drawer. They will usually remain fresh for at least 1-2 months, if not longer. Apples are a climacteric fruit, meaning that they continue to ripen after harvesting due to emitting a gas called ethylene. Cold temperatures slow down the production of ethylene.”
  • Apple sandwich: Remove the center and seeds of an apple with a corer and slice the apple into rounds about a ½-inch thick. Spread one apple slice with nut or seed butter and sprinkle with granola or trail mix. Then place another apple slice on top.

Fast facts from the US Apple industry 

  • #1 fruit consumed in the United States
  • 32 states grow apples
  • Over 100 varieties grown
  • 33% apples produced for juice and apple products

According to CiderCraft magazine “In 1603 Jamestown, settlers grew apples for one sole purpose: cider.”  They also provide a variety of cider recipes you can try yourself – cocktails, chicken drumsticks, mussels and clams to name a few. 

Interested in what’s going on with apples in your state? Find your state’s Apple Association and see if an orchard near you made it to the USA Today 10 best orchards list.

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