Celebrating Senior Health and Fitness Day

Age is just a number, but a healthy lifestyle is essential for any age group. healthy lifestyle. On May 31st, we celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day, a day…

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I hope this finds you well…

Hope you’re well. How have you been, well? I hope you’re doing well. Hope all is well with you. Stay safe and well. I’m well, thanks. Such common phrases. But…

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Affirmations – An Exercise for your Mind and your Outlook

We are the keepers of our minds, thoughts, outlook, and the global narrative we hold about ourselves. Many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health. Affirmations are…

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Collington staff inoculated against COVID-19

Collington Vaccinates Over 650 Residents, Staff

Jan. 28, 2021—Collington was among the first Maryland retirement communities to launch its COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

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Quinn Barbee, Facility Services, was the first of 110 staff slated for inoculations Dec. 31.

Video Highlights Reasons Kendal at Oberlin Staff Got Vaccinated

Dec. 31, 2020—Quinn Barbee, Facility Services, was the first of 110 staff slated for inoculations Dec. 31. In addition, more than 50 other staff already are signed up for vaccinations…

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More than 150 Collington staff members got COVID-19 vaccinations Saturday, Dec. 26.

Collington Residents and Staff Vaccinated

Dec. 29, 2020—Collington provided vaccinations for 98% of its nursing home and assisted living residents and more than 150 staff members on Saturday, Dec. 26.

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Shall we Dance?

We may not be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayward or Mikhail Baryshnikov. We may not make on to Dancing with the Stars. We may have two left feet…

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Dogs on Parade – Paws with a Purpose

Volunteers with Paws With A Cause held a dog parade to lift residents’ spirits at an assisted living facility. The focus of the event was to connect the residents of the…

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CollingtonPresents Series Launch

On Saturday, October 10th, 2020, the Collington community launched their first production and broadcast of their new series, CollingtonPresents. The presentation received many accolades from residents and those who attended. Their…

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