Kendal Walks to End Alzheimer's 2023 

The Kendal Corporation and Kendal Affiliates have eagerly continued participation in the world’s largest fundraiser for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Kendal residents, members and staff were motivated and inspired to walk for past, current, and future individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is an annual event and involves more than 600 communities nationwide. This initiative aims to raise money in support of providing care and aid for individuals living with Alzheimer’s, along with advancements in research for methods of prevention, treatment, and the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

The following 8 Kendal Affiliates, plus The Kendal Corporation and Kendal Charitable Funds, contributed to the fight to end Alzheimer’s: The Admiral at the Lake, Kendal at Hanover, Kendal on Hudson, Kendal at Ithaca, Kendal at Oberlin, Kendal at Home, Collington, and the Kendal Cares team, which represented Barclay Friends and The Kendal Corporation.

The Admiral at the Lake– The Admiral at the Lake participated in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, October 7, in Chicago, Illinois. The team donated a total of $1,546. In addition to their contributions, the event raised $1,261,105 from participants across Chicago.

Kendal at Hanover In Upper Valley, New Hampshire and Vermont area, the Kendal at Hanover team participated in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 30. The team’s total donations came to $13,725, adding to the event’s total of $155,134 towards advanced research for Alzheimer’s.

Kendal on Hudson Motivated to support further research on a cure for Alzheimer’s, the Kendal on Hudson team and participants from Westchester County, New York area joined the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sunday, October 1. The entire event raised a grand total of $744,826, and Kendal on Hudson raised a total of $9,460. This far exceeded their goal of $5,000 and was achieved through the joint efforts of residents and staff.

Kendal at Ithaca On Sunday, September 10, the Kendal at Ithaca team came together for their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s to contribute $1,615. In the Ithaca and Courtland, New York area, participants and the community walked to gather a total of $32,272 towards Alzheimer’s research.

Kendal at Oberlin and Kendal at Home – In Lorain County, Ohio, Kendal at Oberlin and Kendal at Home joined the local community to participate in this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 9. The Kendal at Oberlin team raised $3,596 and Kendal at Home raised $2,130, contributing to the events total of $89,597.

Collington– This year, Collington and the Collington Foundation joined to host a walk on their campus on October 25th. Together, they raised $2,500 to support the Alzheimer’s Association of Prince George’s County. This was added to the total contributions from the event of $134,074.

The Kendal Corporation and Barclay Friends– On October 28, in Wilmington, Delaware, the Kendal Cares team, which included Barclay Friends and The Kendal Corporation, collaborated in their efforts to support finding a cure for Alzheimer’s with a total donation of $5,605. The Wilmington, Delaware, walk successfully raised $195,186.

Kendal Charitable Funds – Your efforts and fundraising dollars will have an even larger impact, as Kendal Charitable Funds has given a matching donation of $16,500 to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s that will be donated on behalf of the entire Kendal System.

We are so proud of and thankful for the staff, members, residents, family and friends who participated in this year’s 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 

Kendal residents and staff in walk to end alzheimers