Celebrating Wanda Whitted-Smith's Lasting Impact on Kendal

There are individuals whose footsteps leave not just a mark but the kind of impression that helps shape the potential of an organization. One such person is Wanda Whitted-Smith, who, throughout Kendal, is known as a courageous promoter of the word “Human” in Human Resources. Wanda is a highly accomplished professional who has spent her career helping organizations build better workplaces and has made noticeable contributions to Kendal over the last ten years. Wanda’s influence will endure, shaping decisions and inspiring new Kendal leaders long after retirement.

Wanda Whitted-Smith

Annetha Hall, Chair of Kendal’s board of directors, shares, “When Wanda joined Kendal, I, myself, had not too long been on the board, but like everything else I had come to know and love about Kendal, I immediately knew we had hired a winner. And over the following years, in my interactions and experiences with Wanda, she proved my initial feelings were right. If I had to choose a few words to describe Wanda, they would be Indefatigable, professional, a master of her craft, a straight-shooter, loyal, focused, and dry-witted.”

Impressive Career

Wanda’s journey in human resources began as manager of staff relations at the University of Pennsylvania after graduating with a degree in psychology and biology. Her passion for people management led her to take on many challenging roles, including Vice President for Human Resources and Development at Germantown Hospital & Medical Center and Vice President for Human Resources for Health Partners, a health maintenance organization. She then spent over a decade working for Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, LLP, as Chief Human Resources Officer/National Director. She led several initiatives that helped improve employee engagement and retention during her time there.

Wanda is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). This certification is awarded to professionals who demonstrate expertise in compensation strategy development and implementation. She is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), which recognizes individuals who have mastered strategic HR planning and policy development.

An Advocate for Kendal and the Broader Community

Wanda has made significant contributions to Kendal. Her experience impacted the development of countless System-wide policies, helpful procedures, and the transition to new employee management, payroll, and benefits enrollment systems. The termination of the pension plan demanded her experience, knowledge, and true care for the individuals impacted by the change.

The Kendal Corporation’s four-person Human Resources team was also named Delaware Valley HR Department of the Year in 2021. The award recognized the HR team’s rapid response to the departure from normal operations required by the coronavirus pandemic, including designing and implementing various Hero Pay and premium pay programs for Kendal Affiliates across nine states.

Notably, in addition to supporting the recruitment process of countless new Kendal employees, she extended her retirement timeline to assist the board of directors and guide Kendal through an extensive search for The Kendal Corporation’s newly appointed CEO, Vassar Byrd.

Apart from her impressive credentials, Wanda is also known for her involvement with various organizations that champion women’s rights. She recently served on the Women’s Law Project board in Philadelphia – an advocacy group that focuses on advancing reproductive rights and gender equality through litigation and policy reform.

She is truly valued for her guidance and support to Affiliate Human Resource Directors and teams. Human Resources Directors at Affiliates appreciated how she shared her interest and expertise in compliance guidance (not the most fun part of the human resources field for some) and also showed her care as a confidant when working through what can be complex issues supporting the “workforce” – the people who serve residents and members throughout the Kendal System. She is highly regarded by organizational partners and vendor providers who provide the benefits and other services the Kendal System relies on.

A Beautiful New Journey

Over her ten years with Kendal, Wanda was admired for her vast knowledge of the field, her beautiful smile, wonderful laugh, respectful directness, and caring support of employees as true individuals. Her dedication and love as a daughter have been a big part of these last couple of years, and we envision her love for her family, friends, and community flourishing more throughout her retirement.

Wanda shares, “It’s been a great ten years because of you, my colleagues. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I will always appreciate the collegiality and partnership we’ve shared.  I wish Kendal the best now and always.  I wish each of you the best that life has to offer.  Take care, smile, be kind, and do good in this world.  I will miss you”.

To Wanda, Kendal offers heartfelt thanks for her service. May the next chapters of your life be as rewarding and fulfilling as those you’ve inscribed into Kendal.