Wellness Wheel

Wellness, Purpose, and a New Outlook for 2022 at Kendal

A new year brings time for reflection and direction. The Wellness program at Kendal at Lexington kicked off 2022 by focusing on life purpose as one of the key components…

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May Celebrates Older Americans & Bicyclists

Published: May 4, 2022 May is a time to celebrate Older Americans Month, which this year highlights how older adults can “Age My Way.” May is also when we celebrate…

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Healthy Drinks for Over Age 50

Published: March 22, 2022 When it comes to a healthy drink, let’s start with the most basic and abundant liquid on earth – water. Most of us are aware of…

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Myths about Sexuality and Aging

Published: March 16, 2022 When it came to sexual activity and our younger self, we probably were focused on birth control and finding time to enjoy sex with our partner.…

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Dorothy workout ball stretch

A Day in the Life - Dorothy

Dorothy Schoeneman moved into her Kendal at Lexington apartment in November 2020. And, while she had to self-quarantine for 10 days due to the Covid-19 protocols of the time, it…

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two doctors ready to help

What It Means to Have a Healthy Old Age

“Sixty is the new 40; 80 is the new 50,” said Dr. Thomas Lawrence, one of two board-certified geriatricians who shared their expert perspectives on aging in a recent Barclay…

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Residents on hiking trail mountain view

Take a Hike!

While that short sentence is often an expression of irritation, here at KaLex it is a warm invitation to go outside and revel in nature’s bounty.  With spring upon us,…

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Senior practices mindful aging in flower garden

Finding Gratitude in the Process of Aging

Many older adults talk about aging gracefully. But Zoketsu Norman Fischer, who spoke at a recent virtual event, believes the discussion should evolve to focus on aging gratefully. “Through our…

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American Heart Month: Self-care for Your Heart

Published: February 11, 2021 Heart-shaped candy boxes, balloons, baskets and cards are everywhere. But along with celebrating our favorite “love” holiday, February is also a time to focus on the…

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