Navigating Life Care Planning

We make plans for many parts of our lives, from major decisions such as purchasing a home to training for a marathon. Yet, when it comes to planning for future…

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Diversity at Collington, A Kendal Affiliate

Collington, A Kendal Affiliate is a diverse community. Collington believes diversity and individuality is important and invite different cultural experiences.

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What is a CCRC?

CCRC is an acronym meaning Continuing Care Retirement Community. These senior living communities are designed for individuals that want to remain in a single location throughout the remainder of their…

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Hot air balloons

Independence and Freedom

No matter how you approach your retirement, everyone wants to make your own decisions, for as long as possible. Retirement should be about independence and freedom, not about ceding control and decision making to others.

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Understanding Life Plan Communities and Personal Care

There are many different types of senior living communities being built as people of the baby-boom generation approach retirement. Understanding the differences between varying types of communities, their costs, and…

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What you need to know about Hospice at Home

If you’re faced with the decision of where and how to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met after your physician has informed you of a prognosis of end stage Alzheimer’s, COPD, heart failure, ALS or Parkinson’s disease, hospice care may be the right answer for you.

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Seniors practicing Tai Chi

How Mindfulness Improves Well-being

Over the past decade, residents and staff in more than a half dozen Kendal senior living communities have adopted a variety of mindfulness-based practices—including meditation, yoga and tai chi—to reduce…

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Senior Couple with tablet

How to find the best nursing home for your loved one

Your family has made the decision that your mother or father will be more comfortable and safer living in a nursing home. Next up is finding a quality home for…

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senior couple with calculator and papers

Downsizing and Moving for Seniors

Often the only thing standing in the way of an older adult moving to a smaller house is all the stuff stored in the attic, basements, closets and unused rooms.…

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