Celebrating Careers in Aging

This March, Kendal observes and celebrates Careers in Aging Month. This period serves as a reflection and appreciation for those who have dedicated their careers to serving older adults —a career path rich with personal and professional rewards yet often overlooked. Working in the senior living and services field spans various roles, from healthcare to management, from culinary services to finance, from marketing to social services, and from construction to fitness, all united by the mission of enhancing the lives of older adults.

A Career That Matters Now More Than Ever

Professionals in senior services often remark on the immense satisfaction they receive from their work. The opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of others is a profound motivator. It’s about building relationships, sharing stories, and affirming the value of all people as they age.

Kendal profoundly understands the value of showcasing the intrinsic rewards of this field. Recently, we created powerful career testimonial videos featuring testaments from staff leadership at The Kendal Corporation, showcasing the benefits of working in aging services and with Kendal. The videos highlight the joy and fulfillment of fostering a vibrant environment for older adults, indicating a common thread of passion and dedication that runs through the heart of this career path.

Making an Impact

A career in aging services isn’t just personally fulfilling but has societal benefits. Professionals who choose this field support many aspects of a growing population of older adults by providing senior living options, health and wellness support, financial stability, autonomy, and social engagement.

Furthermore, this is a growth field, boasting many unique opportunities and excellent job security. From frontline caregivers to operations managers, the demand for passionate, highly skilled professionals is robust and shows no signs of waning.

An Invitation to Explore and Celebrate

This Careers in Aging Month, we extend an invitation to explore the breadth and depth of opportunities within the aging services and senior living field. Whether you’re a student considering your future path or a professional pondering a pivot in your career trajectory, the aging services sector offers a wealth of avenues for growth, impact, and personal satisfaction.

We also take this moment to acknowledge and thank those already immersed in this important vocation. Your contributions are seen, appreciated, and celebrated—not just this month, but always.

For those intrigued by the prospect of contributing to a career field that makes a daily positive impact, consider an opportunity with Kendal and Kendal Affiliates.

Careers in Aging

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