Year Round Gardening with Herbs

Posted 6/01/2020

Herb Garden

Do you have a patio, a balcony or a window that gets sun? Do you enjoy cooking? If your answer to these questions is Yes, consider starting a garden that you can harvest and use daily by starting an herb garden. 

Although there are a few occasions when using dried herbs is recommended, cooking with fresh seems to be the preference for many chefs. They’re flavorful, make beautiful garnishes and most importantly, they’re packed with valuable nutrients and antioxidants.

Some of the best herbs for growing in a confined space or indoors include basil, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary and mint. Indoor gardening is a popular hobby these days for a reason: who doesn’t want fresh herbs on hand for dinner recipes and cocktails? With just a few seed pods and potting soil, planting herbs is a breeze.

Guide to Fresh Herbs – Recipes and Cooking: Is it better to use fresh or dried herbs? The general rule for swapping dried for fresh herbs is to use 1/3 of the amount called for in the recipe. … Remember that fresh herbs are best added at the end of cooking or after cooking. Dried herbs, on the other hand, benefit from some cooking, and should be added earlier to better develop their flavor. 

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