Posted 6/01/2020

horse racing

Feeling Racy?? Nowhere to go in your feather-filled fascinator?  “Sports distancing” got you down?  Have we got some ideas for you!

This year the Belmont Stakes will be run on June 20th (with no fans and at shorter distance), the Kentucky Derby will be on September 5th; and finally the Preakness Stakes will be on October 3rd. The schedule and how to watch can be found here

Meanwhile, how do you enjoy these races?  Perhaps with race-appropriate cocktails …

Or maybe marbles are more your style: Yes, we said marbles! And the next season of Jelle’s Marble Runs racing starts June 21st.  Find out a bit about it here, and then watch past and upcoming races on their YouTube channel.  It’s more exciting than you might imagine!

From Bundesliga soccer to Korean baseball, to find out what live sports are on “today” turn to TV Guide.

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