Cornell Crisis Advice Project

Posted 5/11/2020

Cornell Crisis Advice Project

“This too shall pass”
“Caring is what matters”
“Don’t worry about things that cannot be controlled”

The Cornell Institute for Translational Research on Aging (CITRA) promotes the translation of research findings to community populations in order to expand and improve scientific knowledge benefiting older adults. Researchers at the CITRA have been collecting lessons for living from elders for many years. In our original study, the Legacy Project, we have collected advice for living from over 1500 elders. 

Cornell is now gathering advice from elders who lived through a period of time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger through their Crisis Advice Project. Those of you who have lived during a time of crisis like the Great Depression, World War II, or the Jim Crow era, for example, have much to offer on how to cope with our current crisis. You can contribute your wisdom on living through a crisis right now from your home. You can read what others have shared here.

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