Posted 4/28/2020

Beautiful Questions work well to spark meaningful, creative conversations no matter where you are. Choose from the online list of Beautiful Questions or come up with your own to ask someone.

Post a beautiful question in your window or car window or in your yard for others to contemplate as they walk by. Can you write a beautiful question or a beautiful message in sidewalk chalk in the parking lot or on the sidewalk outside individuals’ rooms for them to see?

  • When do you feel truly at home?
  • What is the greatest gift you’ve received?
  • What is your anchor?
  • How are you courageous in your everyday life?
  • How are you creative today?
  • What would you say to your town?
  • What are you thankful for?
  • What does hope look like?

Toll-Free Beautiful Question Phone Line – Afterwards, you can share it on our toll-free phone line and voicemail (1-800-220-1822, ext. 1)

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