Posted 4/28/2020

You can witness some of the most spectacular phenomena in the night sky if you know when and where to look. Here are some Out of This World boredom buster activity sheets from Eversound.

Here are a couple of lists of the Must-See Skywatching Events to Look for in 2020:

  • May 7: Full Moon phase (Flower moon)
  • May 22: New Moon phase
  • June 21 – Annular Solar Eclipse – when the moon is farther away and smaller in the sky, it does not cover the sun completely, but leaves a ring of light encircling the dark moon, known as an annular solar eclipse. Maximum eclipse will occur at about 6:40 UTC, 12:10 p.m. local time, in Uttarakhand, India. and the Smithsonian

For other Celestial Events in 2020:

Throw a Physically Distanced Stargazing “Party”

  • Grab your binoculars
  • Pick a good site and get comfy
  • Get there before it gets dark
  • Space yourselves out appropriately
  • Make some celestial treats to share – star cookies

Taste of Home and Martha Stewart give you some more ideas.

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