Posted 4/21/2020

Here are a few fun, laid back ways to have fun together (while being appropriately distanced, that is):

  • Hall Line Dancing: Space residents and team members in hallway (appropriately spaced) and encourage dancing. Individuals can request their song of choice to promote engagement.
  • Resident Quiz: Create teams of residents and have them sit or stand at doorway. A facility team member then asks questions about the other resident/member (favorite hobby, favorite food, favorite song, etc.). The team with the most questions right wins a prize.
  • Remote Control Cars: Bring in sanitized remote-control cars for residents to race down the hallway while other residents watch from their doorways. A facility team member can provide “play-by-play” over the intercom.
  • Lift Your Spirits Party: Hallway-style corn hole, hallway bingo, paper airplane battles, ball toss, hallway tennis, indoor put-put golf

Here’s a list of 10 Hallway Games for Physical Distancing that Aren’t Bingo.

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