Posted 4/17/2020

  • Easter Bonnet Parade (Kendal at Lexington) – Residents in Independent Living will make whatever Easter Bonnet they want from what they have on hand and then will pass residents’ windows. Maybe this will be an activity in the nursing center as well. A great spring time activity.
  • Off to the Races – It doesn’t have to be an Easter Bonnet. Maybe you have a fancy “Kentucky Derby” hat or fedora (Kentucky Derby and the Preakness were scheduled for May and Belmont Stakes is scheduled for June).
  • Show Your Team Spirit – Wear your favorite sports team gear; make their pennant out of whatever materials you have; sign their fight song “Fly Eagles Fly! On the road to victory! (Fight! Fight! Fight!) Fight, Eagles fight! Score a touchdown 1, 2, 3!…” as you display your team spirit.

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