Kendal provides a unique option for older adults who seek a place of community and collaboration. As a not-for-profit, values-based organization, the mission is expressed in all aspects of operations.

Guided by Values and Practices

Sharing common values help ensure that Kendal’s residents and staff share the spirit of community and collaboration and the respect for everyone that flows from Quaker principles.

With over thirty years of operating as “The Kendal Corporation” and a far-reaching history that helped strongly define the vision, the Kendal System continues to draw strength and wisdom from Quaker-inspired Values.

  • Honoring and respecting every person
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion and treating every person as an equal
  • Fostering community through transparency, collaboration and listening
  • Promoting continuous revelation and lifelong learning
  • Acting with integrity and generosity
  • Delivering innovative wellness and dignified healthcare
  • Sustaining and improving the environment
  • Building meaningful partnerships

Federal Model = Autonomy and Support

Kendal is structured on what is called a federal model. Each affiliate is locally owned and managed with its own independent board of directors. As an operating affiliate within the Kendal System, each affiliate community is independently operated and is afforded access to the tools and practices that empower growth within its market.

Governance occurs locally, not at a headquarters removed from the people served. Residents are informed about financial and other matters in which they have an important interest. They serve on their community’s board of directors. Assets are kept within local Kendal organizations and are not put at risk to fund new developments in other places.

Advantages The Kendal Corporation Offers Affiliates

Each affiliate benefits from a wide array of services, support and knowledge – from information technology infrastructure, employee pay and benefits administration, and management and operations guidance and assistance in marketing, sales, public relations, innovation, health services, culinary, new projects or expansions and collaboration on model practices. One of the benefits of the Kendal System is the ability to innovate, test and share model practices related to healthy aging. Successful programs in one community can be implemented, often with local adaptation, elsewhere. Many of these practices are making measurable improvements in the lives of older adults.

With support from The Kendal Corporation, the Kendal System wields the reputation and strength of a highly respected national brand and the benefits of a larger organization without compromising each community’s autonomy, market position or unique history.

Engagement Like No Other

Kendal Affiliates are unique in that they are highly resident and member-driven. Residents and members at Kendal affiliates have agency and voice. They serve on the boards and committees that make many decisions about their affiliate’s priorities. They plan activities and events that matter to them rather than wait for something to happen. Programs, events, education and trips in communities are organized and coordinated by residents.

Kendal has a commitment to lifelong learning and maintains relationships with local colleges and universities for educational and cultural opportunities to enrich the lives of residents. These university partnerships also connect affiliates to model practices and research and provide student interns for special programming and facilitation of intergenerational connections.

A key ingredient to what is unique about Kendal is its exceptional staff — more than 2,500 nationwide. From being hired, staff members are part of a workplace that embodies professionalism, continual learning and mutual respect. Career advancement within the system is frequent and encouraged. Residents and staff together create a sense of community that improves the quality of life and well-being for all.

The Future of The Kendal Corporation and the Kendal System Is Bright

The Kendal System remains strong, and its future is bright. The Kendal Corporation remains focused on supporting everyone in the System, pursuing new opportunities that contribute to collective growth, and further transforming the experience of aging for everyone we serve.

Future growth opportunities of the Kendal system remain highly favorable, with diverse organizations that share common values eager to partner with Kendal. Smoothly adapting to change is a testament to the maturity, resolve and success of this System.