Plans for a Greener Future-Kendal at Hanover-2023 Kendal Annual Report


At Kendal at Hanover, being environmentally responsible in the present is an everyday
priority. And now, the community is taking steps to ensure sustainability remains central to
its mission and existence for years to come by conducting a campus energy audit.

Residents, the board and the administration of Kendal at Hanover see a future campus that
generates a minimal carbon footprint. In 2022, they took the lead by forming the Energy Audit
Sprint Team (E.A.S.T.) and taking steps to plan the energy audit.

Peter Genereaux, a resident of Kendal at Hanover and E.A.S.T member said, “By
completing this audit, we will provide Kendal at Hanover with an independent assessment that
outlines its energy efficiencies and recommend remediation initiatives. By implementing these
changes, we will be on track to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Additional members include residents Margaret Clark and Stuart White. The staff
members helping to lead include Jeff Roosevelt, Director of Community Relations
and Marketing; Dean Sorenson, Facilities Director; David Urso, Chief Operating Officer;
Brent Edgerton, Chief Financial Officer; and Beth Vettori, Chief Executive Officer.

Together E.A.S.T. is building a vision of a greener future into the community’s very
foundation with the help of the Resilient Buildings Group, the partner conducting
the energy audit. The audit will identify opportunities where Kendal at Hanover can
reduce energy usage while finding solutions that prioritize low environmental impact and

The audit also will discover sustainability needs which will inform future
requests to fund improvement projects. For several years, the community has had an energy
dashboard that displays energy consumption on campus. With the audit and its subsequent
recommendations, the team will be able to use this dashboard as an evaluation tool.

“This energy audit is an exciting step toward taking responsibility for our impact on the
planet and determining our priorities for change based on clear data, an analysis of
cost-effectiveness, and an understanding of the return on the investment over time,” shared
Margaret Clark, a resident at Kendal at Hanover and member of E.A.S.T. “The entire community
is involved and supportive of this project and we are confident it will help us shrink our
energy usage.”

In recent years, Kendal at Hanover has been even more intentional in how it plans to reduce
the campus’ carbon footprint by incorporating its sustainability goals into its overall strategic
plan. Committed residents like those in E.A.S.T. are a catalyst for these sustainability initiatives
and feel personal passion for joining in the global fight against climate change. With the
support of the whole community, from the residents to staff and administration, the future
at Kendal at Hanover is bright — and green.

This article was originally published in “Reflection- Innovation, Growth and Impact. Kendal’s 2023 Annual Report”.

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