Kendal Outreach and Widener University School of Nursing Collaborate on Nursing Leadership Series 2014

As the roles for nurses in long term care environments are expanding, so is the need for nurses to further their knowledge and understanding about management and leadership. This series of continuing educational programs will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of leadership and management principles, role transition, problem solving processes, effective approaches to managing conflict and building cohesive teams. Additionally, participants will learn effective approaches for staffing and scheduling, building a culture of safety within their organization, and legal and regulatory requirements that will lead to a deeper understanding of their new leadership responsibilities.

Session titles include:

  1. How to Survive Change, Conflict and Politics within Your Organization:  Strategies that Work!
  2. Taking the Leap as a New Nurse Leader:  Adopt a Style and Build the Team
  3. Successful Transitioning to Roles and Effective Staffing and Scheduling for Quality Care
  4. No Time to Embrace Quality and Safety? Lead, Follow and Delegate…Model the Way!
  5. So many Requirements, So Little Time:  How to Efficiently Organize to Maintain Compliance

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