Kendal Charitable Funds Expands Support to the Kendal System

In 2009 a number of enhancements were approved by the Kendal Charitable Funds board of directors. Donors can now:

  • Access a new Kendal Charitable Funds online giving platform; this makes it possible to conveniently give to any member of the Kendal family;
  • Take advantage of win-win life income gifts that will benefit their communities at a future date;
  • Receive help on planning real estate gifts that will provide income at present and benefit their communities in future;
  • Visit affiliate websites which featuring their own planned giving pages with testimonials from donors across the system.

In making these services possible, the board of directors focused on a number of behind-the-scenes requirements including due diligence, required registrations, mission, and governing documents. The goal is to ensure that donors can turn to Kendal Charitable Funds with confidence that it meets the most rigorous regulations and guidelines in service to the entire Kendal family of affiliate communities and services.