Recently, Kendal CEO Vassar Byrd sat down for an interview with McKnight’s Senior Living. Here’s a snippet! Check out the full article with the “Read More” button below.

Q (McKnight’s): You’ve been at Kendal since the beginning of the year. What has made the biggest impression on you so far?

A (Vassar): First, Kendal apparently never built anywhere that wasn’t gorgeous. All of the communities are in these unbelievable locations, so I’m grateful for that. And there is a high level of dedication to the Kendal mission. It’s really incredible, and people understand it differently. There are some communities that feel more and less Quaker-oriented, for instance. But everyone gets Kendal. They get that we stand for aging together and that it’s not a separate thing between staff and residents. We really are together, and I think that’s very powerful.