Helping Police to Better Serve Those With Dementia

Collington to work with the local police department to help officers better recognize and serve those people in the area with dementia.

Our intent is to provide hands on and proven skills training on specific approaches law enforcement officers can use when serving those with dementia or other behavioral illnesses. These trainings would provide the following:

  • Basic education on dementia and other behavioral illnesses and how it affects the brain and behaviors of those suffering from it.
  • Specific instruction on communicating more effectively with individuals with dementia or other behavioral illnesses.
    • This includes techniques like using “simple statements” of seven words or less, non-threatening body language and soliciting “statement affirmations” instead of asking direct questions.
  • Customized field guidance based upon real world situations provided to trainers by law enforcement officers.
    • Some examples include, responding to Code Silver alerts, domestic calls that involve individuals with dementia or other behavioral illnesses and skillfully gaining useful information from individuals with memory or other deficits.

Affiliate Grants

As part of the Impacting Lives Engaging Communities Initiative Kendal Charitable Funds also provides grants within the Kendal System to Kendal affiliates to engage, partner with and support their efforts in the wider community around aging issues.