Embracing Technology-Kendal on Hudson- 2023 Kendal Annual Report


Kendal on Hudson embraces an innovative spirit with AI-powered gym equipment, roving robots,
and new apartment communication systems. These bold additions to the community are enhancing
resident experiences and improving employees’ day-to-day operations.

“Juliet” and “Baby Dee” are two of the latest additions to the community. The roving vacuum
and roving waitress, affectionately nicknamed by the residents, assist in the kitchen and throughout
residences. Deaz Banks, the community’s Environmental Services Manager, noted that staff
and residents were initially hesitant about the new technology and have been pleasantly surprised
with the value add, “It’s been very easy for staff to use the new robots and they’ve allowed time
to focus on other important tasks around the community. Programming them was easier than expected, and the training time was minimal. The residents have also expressed how adding the technology has been a positive inclusion.”

Another augmentation for the community comes through an upgraded health and fitness center. In
late 2022, the community purchased equipment from Technogym, a forward-thinking company that
provides AI-driven, bio-feedback technology for consumers. The new equipment allows residents
and employees of Kendal on Hudson to have innovative and personalized fitness regimens,
through the use of preset wristbands.

Cathy DiSomma, the community’s Fitness Coordinator, shares that one of the top benefits is
providing residents autonomy over their workout regime, “The equipment can detect if someone
is progressing or fatigued. When it recognizes a resident’s progress, it can encourage them to
increase their resistance or shorten their breaks. On the other hand, if a resident hasn’t worked out in a
while, it will guide them to decrease their weight. The residents enjoy the personalization that the
equipment offers. It also allows them to remain competitive with themselves.”

The equipment has been a huge hit, with 150 residents already enjoying their customized
workouts. Other benefits include tracking residents’ usage and providing a morale boost for staff who
enjoy using the equipment.

CATIE, the resident apartment communication system, is the most widely used technology added
to the community. For several years, the community had recognized the need for a streamlined
communication tool across the campus. Previously, news and announcements came through paper
notices in the residents’ mailboxes. With CATIE, Kendal on Hudson can instantaneously share
updates with each resident. Other benefits of the technology include a resident check-in system, an alert for mail, weekly dining menus, a community calendar, a resident directory and a news corner.

In addition, the program plans to add work orders, event registration, transportation requests and more.
Technological advances across Kendal on Hudson improve process efficiency and provide long-lasting
results. Perhaps the most important gain is that residents experience greater social connection,
convenience and health benefits.

Embracing technology has improved their quality of life and
increased independence through a rekindled passion for fitness with cutting-edge equipment,
enjoying instantaneous news and CATIE device alerts, and having more direct access to community
events and resources. Initially curious and a little apprehensive about new devices and advances, the
community now gleefully anticipates Kendal on Hudson’s next digital add-on.

This article was originally published in “Reflection- Innovation, Growth and Impact. Kendal’s 2023 Annual Report”. 
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