Doris and Her Amazing Journey with Kendal- Celebrating 33 Years to Retirement

Very few people spend so much of their career in one company, and even fewer are appreciated and remembered as such an example of excellence during the time they spent there. Doris Lambert is one such individual. She spent 33 wonderful years working for Kendal and cherishes the memories and relationships she built there. Doris’ retirement from her role as a Marketing CRM Specialist with The Kendal Corporation is an important milestone worth recognizing and honoring.

Celebrating with both a virtual and lunch event, dozens of colleagues (past and present), friends and family joined in honoring this thirty-three-year employee who has a contagious laugh and unwavering professionalism who is the embodiment of Kendal values. Funny stories of travel in snowstorms and less-than-ideal train rides were outshined with overwhelming appreciation for Doris’ calm, thoughtful presence, even when helping marketing teams throughout Kendal with new initiatives and complicated systems.

A Wonderful Team Member

Doris started her career with Kendal on June 11, 1990, as an Administrative Assistant to Pat Sprigg in Development. The office was located at Kendal Crosslands Communities, and Doris enjoyed working there and learning about the organization’s workings.

When Kendal Communities Development Company (KCDC) was established by Lloyd Lewis, the entire team moved to West Chester, PA. Doris was promoted to Assistant Project Manager at KCDC and had the opportunity to travel with their team to explore new Kendal opportunities. During this time, they conducted informational meetings to educate prospects about Kendal.

When KCDC closed, Doris was given the opportunity to stay with Kendal and move to the Worth office in West Chester, PA. She worked with Barbara Parsons, the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for The Kendal Corporation, as an initial contact and information officer for new Kendal communities. Doris would collect deposits, maintain records for new communities, and travel to help the community set up their office.

Doris’s hard work and dedication paid off when she received a promotion and began assisting with move-ins and office openings. Doris loved meeting and seeing prospects through their journey from prospects to residents. She retired as the Marketing Department’s CRM Specialist, where she coordinated the transition to various new CRM prospect data management systems and assisted Kendal affiliates with training, issues and reporting. She was also the very well-organized lead coordinator for the yearly Kendal Marketing “Gathering,” where affiliate marketing and sales teams could gather to learn and share.

Treasured Memories

Through her work with Kendal, Doris built strong relationships with colleagues, residents, and prospects. “I will always treasure and cherish my time with Kendal. It’s been a wonderful 33 years, and I thank everyone who has touched my life along the way. It’s been an honor to be a part of such a wonderful organization,” reflects Doris.

Doris’s journey with Kendal was nothing short of amazing. She has witnessed Kendal’s growth firsthand and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of new communities. She has built long-lasting relationships and impacted the lives of many people. Doris’s story is an inspiration to current and future Kendal employees and reminds us of the value of dedication, hard work, and loyalty.

Kendal Values Exemplified

Doris has been a true source of inspiration to all throughout The Kendal Corporation and Kendal. Her commitment to the mission and support have been invaluable throughout the years. Kendal is so grateful for her dedication and friendship. She will be deeply missed by everyone.

Howard Braxton shares, “Don’t be surprised if you get a few tears in your eyes when thinking back on Doris’s time with Kendal! She has been an integral part of our team for many years and will be deeply missed. We can’t thank Doris enough for her calm and thoughtful dedication and we wish her all the best in retirement! So, here’s to you Doris – cheers! May you have a fulfilling, fun-filled retirement filled with love and laughter. You deserve it after those 33 remarkable years!”