Kendal Outreach nurse

Kendal Outreach

The Kendal idea embraces nationwide outreach, and Kendal’s efforts in this important area have grown steadily over the years. The work of the first program, Untie the Elderly®, began in 1986, and subsequently resulted in federal legislation in 1990 requiring nursing facilities to consider the effects of restraint use on the well-being of residents.

A subsidiary Kendal, Kendal Outreach, LLC has been sharing Kendal’s approach to quality care with consumers, advocates, providers, government agencies, and related organizations since its conception. It serves the long term care industry by providing education and training to health care professionals, providers, and consumers; demonstrating care methods proven to enhance outcomes for older people; partnering with like-minded individuals and institutions interested in quality care techniques; and fostering the spirit of generosity by broadening Kendal’s mission beyond Kendal’s walls.

Better Care and Services

Using the Untie the Elderly® model, Kendal Outreach has continued to facilitate improved care by focusing on education — education that reaches local, regional, and national providers and their staff at all organizational levels. Working closely with interdisciplinary teams including residents and their families, their staff is improving healthy aging outcomes and quality care.

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