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Welcoming Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion at Kendal

Kendal’s commitment to diversity flows from our Quaker roots and published Values and Practices. We believe that a spirit of inclusion and a culture of diversity enrich and strengthen our communities, people and services.

Beyond a verbal commitment, diversity is benchmarked — measured — throughout the organization. We know we have progress to make, as does all of society, but we welcome diversity in these and other ways:

  • Welcoming residents and their families from all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Creating and maintaining a workplace where diversity and inclusion are practiced.
  • Forming outreach relationships with local, diverse groups.
  • Promoting diversity initiatives at both the corporate and affiliate levels.

This short video captures Kendal’s support for diversity, and where we strive to improve.

Diversity News


Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

At its 2017 meeting, LeadingAge awarded Kendal-Crosslands Communities its Hobart Jackson Diversity and Inclusion Award for the community’s five-year collaboration with educators and advocates to create the Chester Charter School for the Arts.

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Celebration of Diversity

As part of a system-wide initiative, Kendal at Lexington recently participated in “Diversity Month,” with events and activities designed to celebrate diversity.

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Diverse hands touching

Kendal Speaks Out for Social Justice

Now, more than ever, we will speak out and hold up the Values that unite us across the Kendal System. Kendal has no tolerance for hate or any form of discrimination. Living and working together in true community is critical to how we serve and thrive.

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