Respect for Every Individual-Quaker Values

Quaker values emphasize simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. One expression of these values is respect for every individual. A previous post on how Kendal dispels ageism outlined a commitment to person-centered care and the unique organizational practice of residents serving as voting members of the board of directors that manage Affiliate communities. Quaker values also express respect in multiple other ways.

Every Person is Unique and Should Be Respected

The Quaker’s respect for every individual is based on the belief that God exists in every person. People are equal regardless of race, gender, or social status. The belief that every person is unique and that their life should be respected and valued helps build a harmonious community.

Quaker Business Method

Quaker’s respect for every individual goes beyond their words. A practice of a form of governing based on mutual respect called the ‘Quaker business method involves listening to every member’s opinion and creating a consensus decision that benefits the group. This method highlights respect for each other and illustrates how to value everyone’s contribution.

Transformation and Compassion

Quaker’s respect for every individual sparks an inner transformation towards greater compassion, seeing the good in every person. Quakers embrace the value of listening; it enables them to understand people’s perspectives, empathize with them, and treat them with kindness. This attitude of respect and compassion helps foster understanding when working with people from different backgrounds.

Everyday Actions

Quaker’s respect for every individual is meant to be reflected in everyday actions. For instance, Quakers have been at the forefront of the struggle against slavery, gender equality, and religious freedom. This respect has international recognition as the Quakers have been awarded Nobel Peace Prizes and other prestigious awards for their humanitarian work.

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Quaker values have a powerful and positive impact on the operations and daily life at Kendal Affiliates. By embracing simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship, an environment is built on mutual respect and support. This is reflected in how residents’ voices are valued and incorporated into decision-making processes and the commitment to person-centered care. From intergenerational programming to inclusive practices for residents of all backgrounds and abilities, it’s clear that Quaker values are deeply ingrained in the fabric of Kendal communities.

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