Posted 5/11/2020

Word Cloud

How are you relating to the world each day? There is a lot of uncertainty, change and anxiety, but also a lot of hope, strength and persistence. Selecting a prompt each week can give an opportunity to freely reflect and respond honestly without judgment; to express what is on your heart and what is meaningful to you.

A weekly prompt might help get a pulse on how your community is feeling. Perhaps distribute slips of paper or post-it notes for residents to write their response on each day; collect responses to be displayed on a white board or flip chart; at the end of the week take a picture of the responses and share. Or put all the responses in to Wordle to create a beautiful word cloud. Here are some sample prompts:

  • I am hopeful because_______________________
  • I am anxious because_____________________
  • I love my Kendal community because____________________
  • This week I will make an impact by_______________________
  • I wish this was ______________
  • When I dream about my community…. I see ___________________
  • When I was little I wanted to be _______________; Today I want to be_______________

A monument for the anxious and the hopeful.

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