Staying connected during a time of social distancing

For those who are open to using technology, there are many virtual meeting platforms – FaceTime, Skype, Facebook video chat, Google Hangouts, etc. The Zoom platform seems to be the go to choice for many of our Affiliates as well as many businesses due to its simplicity, and it’s free. To help others better understand how to use the Zoom platform, here are a couple of short tutorials.

For those who do not wish to use technology, you can still connect with others through the good old telephone. Schedule a time to chat with a friend or family member each day. Writing it down on your calendar can be a visual reminder that you have something to look forward to, and with the days all running together, it could also be a helpful reminder.

  • Encourage individuals to call the Institute on Aging’s Friendship Line – a hotline where they can make a friend over the phone and have someone to talk to if they are lonely. 800-971-0016
  • Or maybe you want to volunteer for the Friendship Line. Sign up today.

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