CCRC, Kendal at Oberlin

What is a CCRC?

CCRC is an acronym meaning Continuing Care Retirement Community. These senior living communities are designed for individuals that want to remain in a single location throughout the remainder of their retirement years even as their care needs change. A typical campus will include many styles of independent living residences, as well as, the full continuum of care. To move into one of these communities, an individual will need to be over 62 years of age and generally need to pass a financial, and possibly a medical screening, for approval.

What’s offered in the Continuum of Care?

In addition to independent living residences, there is also a continuum of care offered by CCRCs on campus. Typically, this continuum of care includes long-term health care services for personal care or assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation and in some cases “home care” services.  

What is the difference between CCRC and Life Plan Community (LPC)?

The are the same. CCRC and Life Plan Community can be used interchangeably. On November 1, 2015, at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Boston, the NameStorm Task Force announced its recommendation that communities adopt the term “Life Plan Community” as the new descriptor. Many communities continue to use both CCRC and Life Plan Community to describe the type of senior living community that offers a continuum of care on-site.

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Do all CCRCs/LPCs offer Lifecare? 

Not all CCRCs are Lifecare Communities, but all Lifecare communities are CCRCs. Typically, a CCRC/LPC that is a Lifecare community offers a Type “A” Life Care agreement or “contract.” It will offer a full continuum of long-term care services. It will have a one-time entrance fee and on-going monthly fees, that may have tax deductibility, and will not have additional charges for most long-term care services.

Which Kendal communities are CCRCs? 

Not interested in community life?

You can still enjoy the benefits of a Lifecare plan at home.