Center for Shared Innovations established by Kendal Outreach

Kendal Outreach has launched an online Center for Shared Innovations. The center will serve as a repository and means of showcasing “model practices” and innovations among long-term care providers.

Many high-quality, successful programs and services are being offered by long-term care organizations around the country. The Center for Shared Innovations will provide a venue to share ideas and methods to facilitate quality improvement and further advance networking opportunities.

Kendal Outreach has invited long-term care providers to share information about specific programs, practices and services that meet the following criteria:

  • The program, practice or service is directly related to improved care and quality of life.
  • It addresses a clearly defined need or problem.
  • It incorporates clearly defined goals and details how the intervention meets the stated objectives.
  • It has an ongoing method for evaluating effectiveness.
  • The program, practice or service can be replicated elsewhere.

Once vetted, information about these model practices will be posted on the Kendal Outreach website with the goal of sharing innovations in long-term care nationwide.